Zomeruren – Summerschedule

Vanaf maandag 3 Juli schakelen we over op het zomerschema:

Maandag:                       gesloten
Dinsdag tot vrijdag:     11:00 – 14:30
Zaterdag:                        12:00 – 18:00


From Monday 3 July we follow the summerschedule:

Monday:                       closed
Tuesday till Friday:    11:00 – 14:30
Saturday:                      12:00 – 18:00

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Sunday 11 June: Wool-E Day at PostX, Merelbeke with Devil Shy, Club Mayz, Strangeways & The Whereabouts Of J Albert (solo)

8 years Wool-E Shop, 4 years Wool-E Tapes and 1 year Wool-E Discs are being celebrated at PostX in Merelbeke (Van Goethemstraat 33)

4 live shows & a lot of (cheap and some not so cheap) records for sale:

14h start
15h Strangeways
16h Club Mayz
17h Whereabouts Of J.Albert (Solo)
18h Devil Shy
20h end

Devil Shy (Minimal synth, Electro, Darkwave)
“Devil Shy (2010) is a one man operation, created solely by composer Frank Reynders. Frank is originally from Kiewit, Hasselt, Limburg (Belgium) DJ-ing around (1997) and later performing as L.S.Dog (1998); all in the experimental psychedelic-dance music genre.
In 2006 Frank became “Deviland” creating old school/electro/new wave and in 2008 “Deviland” changed to Devilandshy. Two years later he shortened it to “Devil Shy”.
After a lot of songs released on the internet through different chanels and two self-released albums on cdr, March 2017 saw the release of a compilationtape through Wool-E Tapes

Club Mayz (Danceable dark electro/synthpop)
“Matthias Yzebaert (1983°, Ghent) is a multidisciplinary artist. Visual artist, trained graphic designer, gallery-owner, dj, performance artist, producer, …
Or in his own words: “My work is not ‘about something’. There is no story. I like to make things. There is no meaning.I do what I want. “ Period
So there you have it…nothing more to say..oh wait.
He made an album, a brilliant one, actually already his second. The first was released on cassette only on Wool-E Tapes in 2015. “The Void” then under his nom de plume MAYZ was a journey into
different kinds of danceable dark synthmusic, depressing but yet light and uplifting.
Two years later he returns as Club Mayz, suggesting there’s a party going on, but with an album on Wool-E Discs titled “Loneliness” it’s just a party of one. Musically drafting from ambient, electro, synthpop, new
beat, early house & techno and witchhouse, Club Mayz reinvents slow burning new wave for the dancefloor.
Born in 83 Mayz is too young to have experienced the 80’s wave, the birth of EBM, the rise and collapse of new beat, but he learned from the best: Marcos Salon, once a member of such mythical new beat projects as In-D (with Marc Grouls) and Liasons D. (with Sven Van Hees and Frank De Wulf) did the mixing and the mastering.
Wool-E Discs brings you a synthwave album without blood and gore, fast cars and science fiction, but one about being blue and loneliness and sitting in your bedroom making music on your
computer like in the 80’s.”

Strangeways. (postpunk, shoegaze, snotty punk)
Two weirdos and a Smiths-fan….make that three weirdos :-p
playing postpunk through a grungey 90’s punkrevival filter.
Sounds like Nirvana if they’d been called Joy Division and living in the 80’s. Or something….

The Whereabouts of J Albert (Solo) (postpunk/rootsrock/shoegaze)
The Whereabouts of J. Albert is a brand new band formed around singer/songwriter Joeri Dobbeleir (Monster Youth, ex-Giants Of the Air). Their music can be described as a blend between singer-songwriter, roots music and shoegaze.

How to reach:
Bus 41, 42, 43, 44, 48 and belbus 140: busstop Flora (2 minutes walk)
Train Merelbeke: 5 minutes walk
Parking: Floraplein (2 minutes walk)

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