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WED010 Liquid Trauma – Distorted MemoriesLiquid Trauma, a collaboration between Liquid G. and TraumaSutra, combines oldskool EBM with dark
ambient, industrial & experimental sounds.
Though founded in 2013 for a gig at the Porta Nigra Festival in Aarschot, Belgium (Birthplace of both
Front 242 and the Antler label. And still the home of Hybryds) some of the songs have a much older
root that goes back to 2008.
TraumaSutra alias of Peter De Koning (also a member of Hybryds ao) provides the chaos and weird
hooks while Peter Van Bogaert (Liguid G.) brings the order and experience of crafting solid EBM since
the late 80’s.
4 Years of hard work siphoned into 1 cd that will be showcased once again at the Porta Nigra Festival
in Aarschot on 30 April.
WED008 Invisible Sky – Invisible Sky EPHave you ever thought about how you live your life, wondering if you have taken the right path or
not ? Well so does Gabriella…
Gabriella is a young woman from Sweden – a country far away, with old tradition of the unknown,
hiding in the dark Nordic forest. Like a flower, fighting for its survival through the concrete, she is
longing for the sun on her skin and embrace in new adventures. When Gabriella was a little child,
she already new that she wanted to be a singer. She started to write songs and play music with her
friends and she never stopped since then.
What can be said of Jean-Marc Lederman ? The cultish Belgian music composer has played with some
iconic names (Fad Gadget, The The,…) and composed for French rockstar Alain Bashung. He has also
penned some movie-soundtracks and quite a few videogames, accentuating his taste for picturesque
music that let your brain connect the dots in your quest for adventurous musical landscapes. His
never-ending search for voices that make your brain go curious has led him under the Northern skies
where he found Bella in a forest far away, near the Pole.
Together, they create immersive electro pop music with a difference. You are the observer and lover of
their talents intertwining in the night, like waves that would go from radio antennas to transmitter
poles lost in the Arctic…
Invisible Sky consists of Gabriela Aström, leadsinger of Swedish synthpop-act Me The Tiger and Jean-
Marc Lederman, mostly known for being the instrumental part in both The Weathermen and Kid
Montana, but don’t tell him that because he will deny it 😉 


WET006 Owann – Eternal Return

In 1888 German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche ( 1844 – 1900 ) left the little Swiss village of Sils-Maria for the last time. During seven summers, in this magnificent sanctuary, he wrote several of his famous books. The powerful and fresh mountain air inspired him.

One day, when he was walking to the village of Surlei, the idea of Eternal return occurred into his mind.

Eternal return is a hypothetical concept that poses that the universe has been recurring, and will continue to recur, in a self-similar form for an infinite number of times across infinite time or space.

Winter 2016. Electronic music composer Owann makes a musical journey to Sils-Maria. From the summit of Muottas Muragl, he looks down on the frozen white forrest, all the way down to the lake of Silvaplana.
Owann, aka Johan De Paepe, discovered his passion to electronic music during the golden ages of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre. As musician Owann has been producing music since 2011. He´s also passionate about photography, mountaineering, traveling, biking and cycling. The diversity of his music is to be found trough his personal influences. His music can be described as smooth floating ambient scapes with influences from motion picture woven with nice melodic parts and nicely balanced out with sequencers.
‘Eternal Return’ marks the debut for Wool-E Discs after the self-released cd ‘Particles’ in 2015
‘Eternal Return’ is also Chapter 2 in an ongoing series called Belgian NeuMusik, dedicated to all future Belgian instrumental ambient electronic music & soundscapes.

 WED004 Klankdal – Alle Dag Aan Diggelen

Klankdal is the Ghent, Belgium based drone/ambient duo consisting of Glenn Dick (aka Find Hope In
Darkness) & Sebastien Crusener who express themselves through treated guitar & fieldrecordings to
create a 35 minute long journey through daily nihilsm.
The pics are nice, the music sooting, but that’s just false hope because “Alle Dag Aan Diggelen” means
literally “All Day In Shreds”
After “Nachtkarkassen” released on cassette in October 2015 on Wool-E Tapes “Alle Dag Aan Diggelen”
is their second (real) release, not counting the live entry on the split with Empusae that was the
inaugural Wool-E Disc release.

‘ “Alle Dag Aan Diggelen” is intriguing ambient with some surprisingly beautiful turns ‘
(Luminous Dash)


WED003 Nothing But Noise – eXistence oscillation Past

2012: NothingButNoise releases Not Bleeding Red a double CD/Vinyl album.
2016: Daniel Bressanutti (Front 242) & Dirk Bergen (ex-Front 242) decide to reactivate and resume music making with NothinbutNoise after a “short” break. First results are 2 cassettes in the ongoing Music For Muted TV series, this time on the Belgian label Wool-E Tapes. After the quickly sold out cassettes of MfMTV2 and MfMTV3 it is decided that it’s time for a second album: eXistence oscillation Past witch will be released on cd through Wool-E Tapes’ sisterlabel Wool-E Discs.

eXistence oscillation Past is also part one of a 2 cd release and tChapter 1 in an ongoing series called Belgian NeuMusik, dedicated to all future Belgian instrumental ambient electronic music & soundscapes.

The album, that consists of five long pieces that lead us through an aural journey from sequenced ambient to industrial sounding soundscapes, will be presented live at the B-Wave Festival in Heusden- Zolder, Belgium on November 12 2016


WED002 Dark Poem – The Fire Lives Inside

Raya Schaduwjaagster and Sophie Drakenvleugels of DARK POEM are the godmothers of faerie-lectro. Their sound can be soft and bittersweet or loud and industrial. Their music is a key to open the door to your inner magic world.

Four years after their debut ‘Tales From The Shades’, they team up with Wool-E Disc to release another wayward and wonderful album called ‘The Fire Lives Inside’. It’s a tribute to the earth and her seasons, an exploration of the wheel of the year theme with a song for each of the eight seasonal festivals and, in addition to that, three bonus tracks.
For this album they collaborated with other magicians and musicians such as Traumasutra (Hybryds), George Mensink (Kristus Kut) and Mark Burghgraeve (Somnambulist, ex-Klinik).

Dark Poem still feels at home in the obscure world of myths, rituals, dreams and hidden desires, but this time they took it to the next level.

Electronics, samples, tribal instruments, inspired lyrics, witchy voices and a whiff of pixie dust.


WED001 Empusae/Klankdal – Split

It has become a yearly tradition that during the ‘Gentse Feesten’ (the Ghent City Festival) Consouling Store and Wool-E Shop join forces and become the Con-Wool-E-Store. Both enterprises also release and promote music, and also try to find occasions to collaborate.

For this year’s collaboration Consouling Sounds has asked Empusae to partake in the split release. Empusae is the moniker of Nicolas ‘Sal Ocin’ Van Meirhaege. He has built on an impressive back catalogue of organic, ritual, electro-acoustic, ambient, doom and post-industrial soundtracks. Wool-E Discs invited Klankdal to the split release, and they graciously accepted. This duo, consisting of Sebastian Crusener and Glenn Dick, works magic with guitar manipulations and field recordings, which results in both captivating and ominous soundscapes.

Klankdal already released the critically acclaimed cassette “Nachtkarkassen” on Wool-E Tapes, and are now taking the next step together by contributing the live recording of their intense set at the legendary Logos Foundation on the third of May of 2016. As this is a collaboration between people that all live in Ghent, the ‘Gentse Feesten’ couldn’t be more appropriate to officially release this mesmerizing split album. The release will coincide with a release show at the Consouling Store ft. Wool-E Shop on the first Saturday of the City Festival (July 16th) and the last Saturday of the City Festival (July 23).