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WET037 Factice Factory – Lines & Parallels C32


WETCOM001 Various The Broken Window Theory (splitrelease with Charnier, IntraMuros & Weyrd Son Records) SOLD OUT
CWS001 Monnik/Onrust (splitrelease with Consouling Sounds) SOLD OUT
WETHER Heleen Van Haeghenborg & Frederik Leroux – Kaaistraat 27 C4
WETAPO1 Aponogeton – And In That Fierce And Endless Night Every Star Burned Twice As Bright…. C86
MFMTV2 Nothing But Noise vs Prothese – Music For Muted TV 2 C40 (SOLD OUT)
MFMTV2 Prothese – Music For Muted TV 3 C52 (SOLD OUT)
WET036 Onsturicheit – Angstzweet C (SOLD OUT)
WET035 Devil Shy – Lifeline C58
WET034 High Marks – Steel Grieves C46
WET033 Sebastopol – Sebastopolis, The Journey C41
WET032 Anus Nocturnus – Anus Nocturnus C40
WET031 Onsturicheit – Waan C50
WET030 Sandie Trash – Tu Veux Monter Dans Le Wagon? C42
WET029 Oneirich – ‘S Nachts C90
WET028 Hidden In Treetops – Lost C60
WET027 Jan D’Hooghe – Orka/Waterlily C41
WET026 Factice Factory – !!Nada!! C42 SOLD OUT
WET025 Whispering Sons – Endless Party EP C30 SOLD OUT
WET024 Charnier C25 SOLD OUT
WET023 B/\RST – The Downfall C65 SOLD OUT
WET022 Sound & Vision – The Golden Years C26
WET021 Klankdal – Nachtkarkassen C85 SOLD OUT
WET020 Unidentified Man – Dissociative Identity C50 SOLD OUT

WET019 Acts Of Worship C40 SOLD OUT
WET018 Kinex Kinex C31
WET017 Howling Larsons C49
WET016 Mayz The Void ‎C67
WET015 Various The 15th ‎C44 SOLD OUT
WET014 Factice Factory The White Days ‎C46
WET013 Man Without World And Then It Ends ‎C70
WET012 Sebastien Crusener Dwaalspoor ‎C80 SOLD OUT
WET011 Woodbender, Cinema Perdu, [Law-Rah] Collective, The Blue Ruins Under Yellow Skies C58 SOLD OUT

WET010 Luminance / Acapulco City Hunters – The Cold Rush C38 (split tape) SOLD OUT
WET009 Transfigure – Transfigure

WET009.2 Transfigure – Transfigure C22 (Repress 50 copies) SOLD OUT
WET008 Kevin Strauwen – Moving Sound & Music For Film C37 SOLD OUT
WET007 Kingstux – Red & Blue C36

WET006 Luminance – Icons & Dead Fears C26 SOLD OUT
WET006.2 Luminance Icons & Dead Fears ‎C26 (Repress 50 copies)
WET005 Breast Implosion – Nekronomikon C110 SOLD OUT
WET004 Unidentified Man – Remedy For Melancholy C30

In cooperation with Comphusion (www.comphusion.net):

WET003 Hidden In Treetops – A Collection Of Good Old Fashioned Moodswings C30 SOLDOUT
“Solo project of Chesko, headhoncho of Der Klinke & Story Off. Where Der Klinke (featuring members of Red Zebra) sounds more like a well calibrated mix between 80’s post-punk & sturdy 90’s EBM/Darkwave and Story Off as the bastardchild of Darkwave & Minimal Wave, Hidden In TreeTops takes it’s musical influences from a different plain: Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Carpenter.”
WET002 Cinema Perdu – Reworks C100 SOLD OUT
“Soundtracks without movies, that’s what Martijn Pieck calles his solo-work. Sampled fieldrecordings, analogue synths, manupulated sounds make this a soundtrack for your darker fantasies”
Listen on Bandcamp
More info and samples from other releases: http://www.cinemaperdu.net/
WET001 Woodbender – Coincidences C55
“Collaboration between Jon Unger and Martijn Pieck ([Law Rah] Collective-member). Dronish soundscapes with subtle clicks and pops, guitars, pianos and the occasional noise-outburst. For fans of Denovali”
Listen: http://woodbender.nl/luister.html or Bandcamp